Welcome to Anke Fischer … Vitality and Fitness through Personal Training!

About me

A life without sport is hard for me to imagine.

Since my young childhood sport and exercise have been a part of my daily routine which started in competitive light athletics.
As a teenager I trained children in light athletics with great enthusiasm.
Whilst studying as an engineer for factory planning (TU Chemnitz)  I played volleyball and with my entry into a professional working life I began to train regularly in fitness studios and also to jog.

After the birth of my son and after a longer residence in the south of France I became very engaged with the subject of „healthy nutrition“.

In 2007 I decided to make my “passion” my profession.  I graduated as a Personal Trainer for Fitness, Wellness and Life Vitality. This qualification also included nutrition, stress management and relaxation advisor. At the same time I also qualified as a sport and wellness masseuse.  With these qualifications the path to self-employment was paved… up until today I derive so much pleasure from my profession, which my customers, with whom I work since 2007, also feel.



  • Certified Personal Trainer – Fitness, Wellness, Life Vitality
  • Course Leader Nordic-Walking
  • Course Leader in YOGA-Walking (Breathwalk)
  • Trainer Back Strengthening
  • Trainer Muscle Building/Fat Reduction
  • Trainer Power Plate

Individual Nutrition Advice

  • Nutrition Coach
  • Coach for Vital Nutrients


  • Certified Body Balance Sport-und Wellness Masseuse
  • Masseuse for Deep Structured Massage
  • Hot Stone Masseuse
  • Masseuse Foot-Reflexology
  • Trainer Progressive Muscle Relaxation
  • Trainer Meditation of the Directions