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Nordic Walking

Fit with Nordic Walking

Learn Nordic Walking the correct way and improve:

  • Your vitality, well-being and body awareness
  • Your health
  • Your heart and circulation strength
  • Your strengthening of arm, leg, breast and back muscles
  • Your immune system
  • Your stamina and fitness
  • Your neck tension disappearing
  • Your weight reduction
  • Your enjoyment and fun in the fresh air

Nordic Walking keeps you YOUNG and is an ideal beginner’s sport for everyone!!!

Learn or refresh Nordic Walking individually:

The technique is what makes the difference with Nordic Walking, especially the use of the walking sticks. Learn the technique of Nordic walking individually and according to your speed. Often 60 minutes are sufficient and afterwards you can walk alone whenever and wherever you want. Are you already Nordic walking but you are unsure if the technique is correct? Then a refresh of just 60 minutes is often sufficient.


Nordic Walking in a group:

Suitable for those with experience as well as beginners. It is possible to join in an ongoing course at any time.


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